Charlotte Stuby & Susanne Fischer

Knowing each other from the small town of Vevey in Switzerland, the paths of Charlotte Stuby and Susanne Fischer crossed again in Brussels after having both studied and worked in the art and textile field.

A strong interest in each other’s craft was building up and we decided to make a trade. Inspired and stimulated by each other, our trade ended up becoming a never-ending collaboration. Working together since 2021, we enjoy exploring the paths between art and design. From embroidery to quilting, from clothes to pieces of art, our work is an investigation of craftsmanship with a design innovation twist.

This is a selection of collaborative works.

Brise bise, 2023

A californian blind with pictural illusion of a room with a view. This composition made to be hung in a room, references our love for commun domestic objects and sentimental scenery.

Part of A domestic Art Fair (ADAF), Brussels, 2023


Pictures by Antoine Grenez

HANDLE WITH JOY, an exhibition in collaboration with Sarah Margnetti, 2023

From quilting to embroidery, clothing to works of art, this exhibition by six hands is a joyful exploration of textile techniques taking the viewer on a stroll through a pictorial staging of the pieces. The textile works, by the Charlotte Stuby and Susanne Fischer duo, invoke memories of mountains, the lake, and friendship. Sarah Margnetti’s brush makes the textile works dance in a ballet of hands, feet, and noses. The three artists connect with amusement and affinity between design and visual art to make light of these media as well as their status.

at DBKApaddok, Brussels

Pictures by Lola Pertsowsky

Fun accessories 
for rainy days, 2023

A collection of handmade rain hoods, three different models and in various colours.

❤︎ Thanks to Sarah & Ot

Pictures by Mélanie Peduzzi.

A collection of vests, 2023

Handmade quilted and embroidered vests.

❥ Thanks to Dani & Awoulath

Pictures by Mélanie Peduzzi

Lac Léman jewellery, 2023

A capsule collection of earrings and necklaces made of silver.

Pictures By Mélanie Peduzzi

Bowling shirts, 2022

A collection of seven unique Bowling shirts, made out of leftovers from previous projects.

❤︎ to our favourite models

Pictures by Ugo Woatzi

Handmade reversible bomber jackets, 2021

This project is a joyful reflection and memory of our hometown, Vevey (CH) with a blink to our current city, Brussels (BE).

Side 1: Embroideries on dead stock recycled nylon.

Side 2: Quilted recycled nylon and waxed cotton with embroideries and handknitted cotton cuff and collar.

Pictures by Ugo Woatzi.