I am a swiss artist.

Born in 1989 in Vevey (CH).

Based in Brussels.

My work consists mainly of textile installations. My compositions are functional while carrying narratives. Through the use of "appliqué", quilting, embroidery or tapestry, I recreate a world strewn with clues and traces, symbols, sometimes logos and references drawn from the popular imagination and from my own memories.

It’s very instinctive for me to work with bright, vibrant and bold colours which create contrasts directly. Moreover, working most of the time with primary colors, it must come from the fascination I have for heraldic, flags and identity symbols. In general, my installations assembles and recomposes observations, memories and fascinations coming from the space I exhibit, from my envrionnement and my own history. The thing I like the most is when an object has to be activated to exist, when it depends on that. A car cover without the car is an obsolete object.

Dynamic, vibrant and creatively boundless, the works of Swiss visual artist Charlotte Stuby is able to draw in audiences with a powerful simplicity, an energy and a lineage within the age-old ubiquitous, significance of symbols as art.
Characterised by bold, punchy primary colours, a frequent use of textiles and of functionality while unrestrained by constraints of scale, size or complexity, her work is fun, full of awe and at times abstract— as if psychedelic, stream-of-consciousness day-dreams, observations and notions that are bound to fabric or form.

Dorrell Merritt