Photographic Portrait of Charlotte Stuby

Based between Brussels (BE) and Vevey (CH)

For several years now, I have been developing a body of work based around textiles, seizing on this traditional, popular, classic and functional material and revisiting it, in particular by working in a frontal, massive and imposing way, in contrast to the meticulousness and introversion associated with traditional textile practices.

The content of my work is also intended to contribute to a manifesto of "seeing differently". My work uses sewing, appliqué, tapestry and embroidery techniques to superimpose figurative and non-figurative referential forms, or not. Drawn from observations and limited to the use of primary colours, these forms and figures, both personal and collective, are gradually transformed into a narrative composition. From then on, these narratives function as atemporal fictions, daydreams that are nonetheless firmly rooted in the present, since they have absorbed its material. Through the compositions, I hope to refine questions about the imaginary and the constitution of mental images, but also to question the symbols that themselves contribute to constructing our daily lives and our identities, by considering the object as both a receptacle and a creator of narratives